Building an ecosystem that considers equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in higher education is essential to achieve more prolific and innovative research.

The resources developed by the Chair for Women in Science and Engineering address the need for awareness, education and support around EDI.

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1 frequently asked questions to assist in grant writing

1 guide to identifying challenges related to EDI in a research team

1 white paper on EDI in higher education and research

9 individual pamphlets to print as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

NSERC Discovery Grant Application

A practical tool for grant writing, this document contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about requirements for EDI in research.

A guide to identifying equity, diversity and inclusion challenges experienced by members of a research team

This guide provide guidance on how to consider the challenges faced by research team members and how to appropriately address them in an intervention plan.

           The guide helps to :

A Paper on EDI in Higher Education and Research

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education and Research: From Diverse Teams to More Innovative Research! paper brings together the pamphlets on EDI in research and provides original texts from experts and people with personal experiences.

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Pamphlets on EDI in Higher Education and Research

The pamphlets break down a wide range of issues through « Did You Know? » sections and, in the « Recommendations » sections, offer solutions and examples of actions that the higher education and research community can learn from. They are designed to be consulted individually or to be printed and kept as a handy reminder.

To discover the full set of resources, as well as testimonials related to equity, diversity and inclusion issues, download our free white paper on EDI in higher education and research.

Designing and Advertising a Project, Internship or Job Posting

Overview of Challenges Facing Designated and Marginalized Groups

Writing and Evaluating Letters of Recommendation

Interviewing, Selection and Hiring

Inclusion of Team Members

Managing a Diverse Team

Unconscious Bias in the Selection Process

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Awareness-Raising and Training for Team Member

Taking Diversity Into Account:
an Introduction to GBA+, ADS+ and SGBA

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Other resources